How To Deal With An “Unsupportive” Spouse

You are so excited.

After researching every nook and cranny of this new business idea, you’re ready.

You’d pull the trigger right frickin’ now but you have one small thing to do.

You have to get your spouse on board.


Every time you’ve approached them in the past with your new idea, you’ve been greeted with any of the following responses:

  • What crazy idea do you have now?
  • You’ll never have the time to see this through.
  • How do you plan to balance this with all the other stuff you have to do?
  • Really? This?

Or maybe your spouse uttered some other equally de-motivating, what-feels-like-a-super-unsupportive response.

Please know this.

This is not necessarily uncommon. You are not alone. (Crazy dreamers of the world unite!)

But, the reality is this: you do need to get your spouse on board.

We absolutely should not pretend their concerns aren’t important and forge ahead anyway.

In the video below, I share 4 tips to try when working through this kind of situation with your spouse…

Don’t mistake an uncertain spouse for an unsupportive one.

Work through their concerns and doubts with them.

Your marriage is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. Your entire family’s well-being hinges on its strength.

Following your passion is important, yes, but we can’t chase down a dream that leaves our spouse in the dust. (Unless, of course, your spouse should be left in the dust, which as I said in the video, is an entirely different topic for a more qualified person to answer. There…is that enough of a disclaimer?)

I’ll leave you with this…

If you and your spouse genuinely love one another, there is no business opportunity or endeavor that can stand in the way of that love.

Respect one another. Engage one another in conversation. Build an empire, if you desire.

But, make sure you do it together.

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  1. Steve

    There is a difference between the latest pyramid scheme and multi-level marketing “business” and a legitimate money-making opportunity. I hate being the bad guy when all my wife’s friends are into these fad ventures and I have to be the one to firmly say no all the time. I you are coming to your spouse with several “business ideas” a year, you are probably taking the bait on a lot of fad multi-level scams. Please don’t do that to your spouse, you should know better.

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