Wells Fargo for AV

What We Can All Learn From The Wells Fargo Scandal

It doesn’t usually take me long to write a blog post. I get inspired. I think of what I want to say. I sit my butt down in a chair with a big cup of coffee and I write it out. This one took all day. All. Damn. Day. And really, it’s because I wasn’t…
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Easy for AV

Is Resistance Futile?

Admittedly, I’m no Trekkie. I’ve never even watched one minute of a Star Trek movie or television episode. And yet the quote “Resistance is futile” came to my mind this week. If we are being attacked by some parasitic alien force that takes over our bodies and makes us their puppets, then this line is…
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Dreams for AV

Why We Can Never Stop Dreaming

It was spring of 2008 and I was struggling. I felt suffocated by a job that I had long ago realized wasn’t meant to be my path. The harder I tried to figure out what path I ought to be on, the more frustrated, aggravated and desperate I became. I began actively seeking answers and…
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Small Talk for AV

Why You Should Make Small Talk Everywhere You Go

The humidity hung in the air like a greenhouse. My volume-less hair was sticking to the nape of my neck. Waiting out the rain at a baseball game with over two thousand other baseball fans required that I continually hold my daughter and my back was starting to ache. I had just ran back up…
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Changing Your Mind for AV

How To Embrace Changing Your Mind

If you were to ask me how to describe myself, there’s a good chance I’d use the word opinionated. In fact, ask my husband, and he’d probably say it’s more than that…I’m downright stubborn and pig-headed at times. There are certain parts of my life that will continue to remain that way. I like to…
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