Changing Your Mind for AV

How To Embrace Changing Your Mind

If you were to ask me how to describe myself, there’s a good chance I’d use the word opinionated. In fact, ask my husband, and he’d probably say it’s more than that…I’m downright stubborn and pig-headed at times. There are certain parts of my life that will continue to remain that way. I like to…
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Dr. Suess for AV

“Renegade Rules” For Coaching Employees

A while back, I attended a seminar featuring author Heather Shumaker. She shared many of her practical and yet, counter-intuitive, ideas from her best-selling book It’s OK NOT to Share…and Other Renegade Rules for Raising Competent and Compassionate Kids. Since becoming a mother, I often find myself struck by the parallels I see between being…
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Be the Change for AV

How To “Be The Change”

“Don’t criticize, condemn or complain.” This statement is the first of thirty human relations principles Dale Carnegie offered in his iconic book How to Win Friends and Influence People. Can you imagine what our world would look like if we could nail the execution of this? And when I say world, I mean our world:…
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Mother says for AV

The Connected Disconnect

Disgust. It’s not a word that I typically use to define my feelings even though it’s one of the only five emotions (along with Joy, Sadness, Anger and Fear) displayed in the Pixar movie Inside Out. Are you picturing that little green character with the snarky yucked-out expression on her face? I bet you are.…
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novice for AV

If Fear Is Holding You Back…Watch This!

Caring is sharing. I care about you, therefore I’m sharing Marie Forleo. If you are chasing a dream, or heck, if you’re courting a dream and are too afraid to start, take the time to watch this ah-mazing interview between Chase Jarvis and Marie Forleo. It’s incredibly easy to look at successful people like Marie…
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